GIF of hogg's icon on a flag, the flag is waving in the wind

Hi, I'm Hogg ^-^, you can email me at hoggboss420@aol.com. Let's be friends! I live in Canada with my cat Pokey and my hoggsband (hogg husband). I'm in my 20s and I'm currently getting my masters degree in Neuroscience. I like learning how to do new things, I'm learning a little bit of coding right now to help me automate basic housekeeping tasks. I also like pottery, woodworking, music, art history, reading, knitting & crochet, anime, swimming, journaling, and running (cross-country).

LIKES: Saving Money, Oatmeal

DISLIKES: Liquid Dish Soap and Other Liquid Soaps

MOVIES Baz Lurhmann's Romeo + Juliet, Lady Oscar
BOOKS Watership Down (Richard Adams), Dune (Frank Herbert)
ANIME & MANGA The Rose of Versailles, Kaiji
VIDEO GAMES Metal Gear Solid, Cities Skylines, the Sims
BANDS Sonic Youth, DFA1979, the Cure, Misfits, Simon & Garfunkel
overexposed picture of a grey and white cat making a stupid face, his name is Pokey