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    • mealhogg.exe v.1.2 a simple meal planning program I made that pairs recipes with similar ingredients
    • UPDATE: V.1.2 eliminates the problem where program crashes if user tries to run meal plan function without adding recipes
  • arts & crafts gallery
  • Finish reading list I: 101/105 books completed
  • Finish my show watchlist part II: 173/210 shows completed
  • Current wpm: TypeRacer.com scorecard for user hoggboss
  • Current Run Times: 1.7km/16min
  • Current DDR/PIU Scores: S6/D3
  • Current Canadian Fencing Federation Ranking: N/A
  • Hogg's Kitchen


  • Mealhogg v.1.3. (get rid of repeats in meal plan, add more user options)
  • Learn to surf
  • Learn to do an ollie & grind
  • Reach level 7 in PIU & convince hoggsband to do co-op with me
  • Get G2 license
  • Finish Readlist I
  • Finish Watchlist II
  • Reach 100 wpm
  • Run a 5K
  • Knit herringbone scarf & sweaters for hoggsband
  • Get more insaner