GIF of hogg's icon on a flag, the flag is waving in the wind

Hi, I'm Hogg ^-^, you can email me at hoggboss420@aol.com. Let's be friends! I'm in my 20s and I live in Canada with my cat Pokey and my hoggsband (hogg husband). I like learning how to do new things, I'm learning a little bit of coding right now to help me automate basic housekeeping tasks. I have a masters degree in neuroscience. I also like pottery, woodworking, music, fencing, art history, building model kits, classic literature, chess, mahjong, knitting & crochet, travel, swimming, DDR, and running cross-country. My greatest wish is to live a life of quiet asceticism in pursuit of my artistic, intellectual, and athletic hobbies, also peace and socialism on earth for all mankind forever.

MOVIES Baz Lurhmann's Romeo + Juliet, Phantom of the Paradise
BOOKS Watership Down, Dune
TV SHOWS Degrassi, Star Trek, CBC Marketplace
ANIME & MANGA The Rose of Versailles, Kaiji
VIDEO GAMES Metal Gear Solid, Cities Skylines, the Sims
BANDS Sonic Youth, DFA79, Shellac, Lightning Bolt, Fat White Family
FOOD Peaches, Madeleines, Profiteroles, Clementines
TEAS Green, Oolong, Rosehip
overexposed picture of a grey and white cat making a stupid face, his name is Pokey