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The Rose of Versailles, or Lady Oscar in some countries, is a 1970s-80s manga & anime series by Riyoko Ikeda. A series about the French Bourbon monarchy and the years leading up to the French Revolution. Central to the story is Oscar Francois de Jarjayes, born a girl but raised as a boy by her father as a successor, always with her is her childhood friend, servant, and later lover, Andre Grandier. As the revolution approaches Oscar struggles with her loyalty to the royal family, the oppression of the people, her own role in the aristocracy, gender, and emotions.

The Rose of Versailles is a series very close to my heart. It's my favourite anime & manga of all time. I love the revolution and the overt political nature of the series. I'dalso just never seen a piece of media that captured my own complicated and personal feelings about my gender as a GNC woman before, and I still haven't. When I watched it for the first time I saw myself in Oscar, and I saw my own dearest hoggsband in Andre. Maybe that's a little sappy. Well, I don't care. It's like a little piece of my soul.

Consider Lady Oscar as the patron saint of all things Hogg.

My Rose of Versailles Collection

I've never really been one for collecting merch for stuff. And I'm still not, although I keep a few souvenirs of the series, for personal reasons.

I'll upload pictures later, please be patient! ^-^