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This is where I post my culinary hoggbominations. I make awful fusion recipes for no other reason than I can. Yes I know this is cultural appropriation. Yes I know this is disrespectful. No I do not care. No I will not stop. Fuck your entire life.


Original ochazuke is a japanese dish with steamed rice and salty toppings with green tea or dashi broth poured over it. Oatchazuke is my Hoggenstein's Monster. Based on the traditional premise oatchazuke is oats (always use rolled and never use instant, instant oatmeal = gruel) with sweet iced tea poured over it and breakfast toppings like fruit and yogurt. Tasted pretty good, mild and not overly sweet, really just a more interesting way to serve oatmeal 7.5/10

crab and cream cheese rice balls

Probably my least awful creation, crab and cream cheese is pretty safe and common. Onigiri rice balls with crab and cream cheese filling. Not bad, I always find cream cheese a little too rich personally so I can't eat too many of these at a time. I think they taste better cold, 7/10

tomato fried rice

You know how... when you make omurice you're supposed to put ketchup in the fried rice? I don't really like the taste of ketchup on its own or as an ingredient. I don't even eat it on fries. This is just an attempt to make omurice more palatable to me personally by using tomato paste instead of ketchup, it was fine, I might use italian seasoning next time as well to make some kind of Italian American fried rice, 7/10


Not attempted yet. Alright hear me out. Suppli, the fried and breaded Italian rice ball with tomato sauce and cheese on the inside as a filling. Gimbap, the Korean rice roll with various fillings. The cheese gimbap specifically is a style of gimbap made with cheese filling. What if I were to combine these two food items to create a gimbap-style rice roll with tomato fried rice on the outside, and a cheese filling. What would I use for the dried seaweed sheet.... I'm not sure yet, in my opinion seaweed doesn't have a particularly strong flavour, so it probably wouldn't affect anything if it stayed.

tea cake

Tea-flavoured cake. Not attempted yet. Probably will try a plain vanilla cake recipe, minus the vanilla extract, but use tea-steeped water/milk in the recipe instead to add the flavour. Will also try with other subtle flavours amenable to steeping, like lavender, chrysanthemum, chamomile


my personal moussaka recipe with a tomato-lentil sauce, eggplant, potato, and mornay sauce on top.