GIF of hogg's icon on a flag, the flag is waving in the wind

Want advice/instructions/dimensions for anything I made? Email me at: hoggboss420@aol.com

Croceht bag with Matisse's La Danse as a wraparound design

I made this bag for my friend in exchange for a friendship bracelet. The design is inspired by Matisse's "La Danse" which is a painting i admire for its sense of colour and movement.

Light brown V-neck knit vest with simple cabled patternLight brown V-neck knit vest with simple cabled patternLight brown V-neck knit vest with simple cabled pattern

This is my first try at a cabled pattern. I made this vest for hoggsband because I wanted to practice my cabling and fitting before attempting to make a fisherman sweater.

Light blue ribbed knit bra, flat on a wooden tableLight blue ribbed knit bra, being worn

Black crochet skullcap with diamond cablingBrown scarf with knit ribbing and diamond cabling at the endsOrange knit hat with yellow star at the topBlue, green, and white marbled knit tank top

Here's what I made for gifts over the holidays. The scarf is a mix of crochet and knit, the black hat is crochet, and the orange hat and tank top are both knit. I got to test out some new techniques on these ones, knitting in the round will come in handy later when I want to make some sweaters and other pieces of clothing.

grey crocheted mittens on a wooden background

I made these wool mittens to help keep warm in winter. Winter was always my least favourite season because I got so cold, especially my hands, and gloves never seemed to work very well. So I decided to switch to mittens; since your fingers are all kept together they can share heat and it's a lot warmer. Here's the pattern I used.

pale shelf table in a workshoppale wooden shelf folded up in a workshop
pale wooden shelf with food items on it in a room with red walls

More folding furniture! I made this shelf for my room after I moved out and realized I needed extra space. It folds up for portability, just like the coffee table. I followed this youtube video for the design, although mine is only 5 feet tall, otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep anything on the top.

pale wooden folding coffee table in a workshoppale wooden folding coffee table in a workshop

This is a folding coffee table I made when I decided to move out of my parent's house. The legs fold into the center on two piano hinges. Keeping in mind that the housing market is unstable, I wanted to make something portable, that I could easily fold up and bring with me whenever I had to move. It's inspired by japanese chabudai tables, and is tall enough to use while sitting on the floor for crafting, reading, eating, and everything else you could need a table for. I also want to make a folding kotatsu, so I can put it away in the closet during the summer.